Monday, 1 August 2011


MX-5 is number 1 in What Car? most exciting cars list

Fun 50: Mazda MX-5
25 July 2011, WhatCar?

In a special ‘Fun 50’ supplement, WhatCar? names the 50 most exciting cars on sale in the UK under different price bands, and places the Mazda MX-5 1.8i at the top of the £17,500 to £22,000 category.

The road testers comment, “In an MX-5 you needn’t travel at licence-threatening speeds to have fun. The MX-5 is most at home on twisty backroads, where it handles beautifully and the steering informs you of every nuance of the road surface. The suspension copes with the worst bumps too.”

The author is also complimentary of the car’s other qualities, handling-aside, writing, “The MX-5 even makes financial sense. Given its catalogue of strengths, the list price looks ridiculously low, while the excellent fuel economy, reasonable insurance rates and strong resale values will also make you smile.”

They conclude, “You can’t beat the simple things in life, and that’s the philosophy Mazda has stuck to with its simply brilliant MX-5 roadster.”



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